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Model: ST 8200-12080

( Sewing Area 1,200 mm x 800 mm)

Performance Characteristics

Programmable medium presser foot

 In the high and low section sewing, sewing presser foot height, with Dan change and change.(standard 0~3.5mm, maximum 0~5.5mm)  In the middle pressure foot, the sewing can be firmly pressed to prevent the fault of broken needles and broken wires; in addition, the middle pressure foot can keep any height according to the thickness of the fabric, so as to prevent damage to the fabric.

Sewtech Automatic Sewing Machine

Servo motor and screw drive

Sewtech Automatic Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Oil Free & Easy access to hook

The machine head adopts oil-free lubrication technology, and the hook adopts oil line lubrication technology. The application of the two technologies solves the problem of high speed operation of the machine and completely eliminates the pollution of liquid lubricant to the fabric.

Sewtech Automatic Sewing Machine parts

Template Clamping Structure

The structure of taper clamping is adopted to ensure the free clearance of the clamping plate, convenient operation, and to reduce the pressure stability of the air source. When the air pressure drops to 0.4MPa, the template can be pressed and worked normally; The simple template design greatly reduces the cost of template production. RFID electronic radio frequency, using a wider range of scanning performance.

Sewtech Automatic Sewing Machine Template Clamping Structure


Sewtech sewing machine model name

Sewing Area Options

 . 250 mm x 160 mm

 . 600 mm x 450 mm

 . 800 mm x 450 mm

 . 1,200 mm x 800 mm

 . 1,300 mm x 850 mm

 . 1,600 mm x 1,050 mm

 . 1,800 mm x 1,050 mm

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