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Everything to know about EFFECT Glitter Vinyl

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

How many EFFECT Glitter Vinyl color options are there?

32! We have so many options for you to provide to your customers for every type of creative project they may be working on.

Is EFFECT Glitter Vinyl safe for Iron-On?

Yes. Effect Glitter Vinyl can be applied with a home iron, heat press, or EasyPress.

Can EFFECT Glitter Vinyl be washed?

Yes. Glitter vinyl be washed without fear of the vinyl falling off.

Is EFFECT Glitter Vinyl water proof?

Yes. It is water poof and weather resistant - making it an ideal craft vinyl choice for both indoor and outdoor applications!

How do I purchase EFFECT Glitter Vinyl?

Contact Us!! Here at, we offer great deals on wholesale of all EFFECT HTV products, including Glitter! EFFECT is the best Heat Transfer Vinyl on the market and your customers will notice the difference.

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