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What is the best shirt for heat transfer vinyl?

The best shirt for heat transfer vinyl is one that is made of a heat-compatible fabric, such as cotton, polyester, or a cotton-poly blend. The fabric should also be smooth and wrinkle-free, as this will help the vinyl adhere better.

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Here are some of the best shirts for heat transfer vinyl:

  • Cotton shirts: Typically, you'll want to buy plain t-shirts with no less than 50-60% cotton. This works well for both t-shirt transfers and other forms of imprinting. However, best results, steer your customers towards 100% cotton of the ring spun variety. They work best. Cotton shirts are a popular choice for heat transfer vinyl because they are soft, comfortable, and affordable. However, it is important to note that cotton shirts can shrink, so it is important to pre-wash and dry them before heat pressing.

  • Polyester shirts: Polyester shirts are another good option for heat transfer vinyl. They are durable and wrinkle-resistant, and they do not shrink. However, polyester shirts can be less breathable than cotton shirts.

  • Cotton-poly blend shirts: Cotton-poly blend shirts are a good compromise between cotton and polyester shirts. They are soft and comfortable, but they are also durable and wrinkle-resistant. Cotton-poly blend shirts are also less likely to shrink than 100% cotton shirts.

When choosing a shirt for heat transfer vinyl, it is also important to consider the color of the shirt. Light-colored shirts are best for heat press vinyl, as they will provide the best contrast for your design. Dark-colored shirts can be used for heat press vinyl, but the colors may not be as vibrant.

Here are some additional tips for choosing the best shirt for heat transfer vinyl:

  • Avoid shirts with seams or raised designs, as these can make it difficult to apply the vinyl evenly.

  • Choose a shirt that is the right size for the wearer. Shirts that are too tight or too loose will not look as good with heat press vinyl.

  • Pre-wash and dry the shirt before heat pressing. This will help to remove any wrinkles or sizing that could interfere with the adhesion of the vinyl.

Once you have chosen the right shirt for heat transfer vinyl, you are ready to start creating your own custom designs!

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