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Why Korea's Heat Transfer Vinyl is the best

The key factors in the production of heat transfer vinyl are excellent base film, adhesive, and pressing technology. Today, I would like to focus on the base film, one of the key elements in the production of heat transfer vinyl. Many HTV suppliers in the U.S import Heat Transfer Vinyl and sell it at low prices without revealing origin. Here is brief explanation why Korea's base film is the best.

There are many base film manufacturers in Korea. Here are a few of the most well-known ones:

  • Kolon is the largest manufacturer in Korea, and it produces a wide range of base films

  • Hyosung is a global textile company, and it produces a variety of functional base films

  • Samsung Corning is a global chemical company, and it produces high-quality base films

  • Dongyang is a leading rubber manufacturer in Korea, and it produces a variety of rubber products, including base films

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These manufacturers are very large global company that a manufacturer with a perfect quality assurance system. These advantages enables Korean HTV manufacturers to produce competitive Heat Transfer Vinyl. Top HTV manufacturers in Korea easily obtain excellent base films from these global company at a reasonable price. Therefore, some of the largest HTV suppliers in USA import Heat Transfer Vinyl from Korea.

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