The attaching of vinyl to clothing, hats, bags, shoes, various balls is becoming a mainstream design.


Benefits of Transfer Films

  • Set up and operations are very simple

  • Start with a small investment: Around $5,000 (Heat Press + Vinyl Cutter + Vinyl)

  • Higher Durability

  • Wider range of applicable fabrics/materials

  • Can be used on any color shirt

  • Special Effect Vinyls for metallics, puffs, etc.

  • Clean and Clear Cut Designs

  • Same feel as screenprints, but will not lose color or crack  

Our Heat Transfer Vinyl is

  • Suitable For Most Fabrics, Including Atheletic Mesh Fabrics

  • Enables High Speed Cutting, Ultra-Fine Detail, and Easy Weeding

  • Made in South Korea

  • Guaranteed Lowest Price

  • Click Here To Watch Heat Transfer Vinyl Print

  • Available in our www.sewtechstore.us/collections/transfer-vinyl

What you will need

  • T-shirt or fabric of your choice

  • Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • Heat Press (Stahl’s Hotronix)

  • Cutter Plotter Machine (GCC & Graphtec)


All your needed supplies and machines can be purchased at our Sewtech Online Store at www.sewtechstore.us

How To Vinyl Print onto Shirts/Fabrics (Step-by-Step Guide)

 1. First you must have you vinyl cutter and software installed in order to create you design(s) to be cut out for transfering onto a shirt/fabric.

 2. After you have selected and positioned your designs properly, make sure that your vinyl roll is inserted to your cutter with the shiny side down and

     the waxy matte side up as the cutter will cut out your vinyl designs from the top down to the matte finished side, which is what transfers onto the


 3.With you design cut out by your machine, place it on a flat surface to make it easier to work on.

 4. Now you must weed out the excess vinyl that is not part of your design using the pronges provided with the machines.

    Once you have the design prepared, place you shirt onto the heat press and position it to cover the area of your design.

    Make sure you heat press is set at 300-320 Degrees Fahrenheit

 5. Position your vinyl with the matt side down and place a piece of parchment paper on top of the vinyl design to protect it from the heat press burning     

 6. Close/clamp the heat press and press the shirt for 8 seconds.

 7. Remove the shirt from the heat press to a flat surface and let cool for 30 seconds.

 8. Once cooled, remove the plastic peel at a 45 Degree angle.

 You have now created your very first Vinyl Transferred Shirt! 

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