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Everything to know about EFFECT Holographic Vinyl

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

What does EFFECT Holographic Vinyl do?

EFFECT Holographic Vinyl is most similar to working with glitter vinyl. It can be used for weeding and cutting almost like standard vinyl, but it's thicker, meaning sometimes you don't have to rely on transfer paper to put it into your project. Holographic vinyl provides your customers with the option to add fancy and brilliant features to any garment.

What options are there with EFFECT Holographic Vinyl?

We offer our purchasers an array of Holographic Vinyl colors, textures, and patterns. 20 to be exact! Check them all out here.

Can you iron-on holographic vinyl?

Yes. Effect Holographic Vinyl can be applied with a home iron, heat press, or EasyPress.

Is EFFECT Holographic Vinyl permanent?

Yes. Effect Holographic Vinyl is made of strong adhesive backing great for both indoor or outdoor use.

How do I purchase EFFECT Glitter Vinyl?

Contact Us!! Here at, we offer great deals on wholesale of all EFFECT HTV products, including Holographic Vinyl! EFFECT is the best Heat Transfer Vinyl on the market and your customers will notice the difference.

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