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Why EFFECT® is the best Heat Transfer Vinyl on the market

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What to look for when shopping for Heat Transfer Vinyl products

Heat Transfer vinyl - htv

As the number of off-brand vinyl options

available online increase, and the craze of personal cutting machines transforms the way we craft, new sellers are popping up everywhere. When shopping for a quality HTV, it is crucial to consider features like:

  1. Color Selection

  2. Thickness

  3. Ease of Cutting & Weeding

The color selection is important because it allows for more variety in every project. EFFECT® HTV has an industry leading selection of colors, textures, and patterns for all of the products they offer.

Thickness is another important element. Thickness directly determines how easy cutting and weeding will be. Vinyl that is too thick will be bulky and stiff on the fabric, and vinyl that is too thin is difficult to work with and weed without compromising the design. And ultimately, when it comes to choosing a good HTV, ease of use is the single most important factor.

EFFECT Vinyl is a top choice for premium crafting supplies to create a wide variety of designs. At we specialize in heat transfer vinyl wholesale products to give you the most flexibility with your projects.

About EFFECT Heat Transfer Vinyl

There are plenty of iron-on vinyl options, but only a few brands are clearly at the top. EFFECT Vinyl HTV is a trustworthy brand

that maintains the same outstanding brand quality that crafters have become accustomed to with their other vinyl products. At Sewtech, we are proud to be a distributor of EFFECT Heat Transfer Vinyl!

EFFECT Heat Transfer Vinyl offers a massive selection of vibrant colors and styles, including glitter vinyl, holographic vinyl, metallic vinyl, and many more options.

EFFECT HTV Vinyl works with a wide range of surfaces, including fabric and wood. It is also easy to work with, optimally designed to cut in computerized machines but easily adaptable to other brands, and easy to weed.

SEWTECH heat transfer vinyl

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